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Welcome To VCM Plantations

Explore, see and experience one of Suriname’s Heritage Site at the VCM Plantations.

Situated along the right bank of the Commewijne River, VCM plantations which now owns Plantation Rust en Werk, together with its adjacent plantations Lust tot Rust and Einde Rust were built around 1750 by Governor Wigbold Crommelin,who was then is the current colonial governor general of Suriname. These plantations were originally planted with cotton and sugarcanes together with some other various crops. The largest sugarcane factory in South America stood at Rust en Werk . Throughout the turn of the centuries the plantation was been sold and handed over to different owners from the time of Crommelin and in 1947, the history of this plantation took a turn with the establishment of the V.C.M. N.V. and the expansion of the business across more plantations than just Rust en Werk. The V.C.M. N.V was bought in 1979 by the current owner Mr. Armand van Alen and has been a thriving cattle farm ever since. During this time, the company has expanded and now covers 11 adjacent plantations with a 12th plantation, Nut en Schadelijk (meaning beneficial and harmful) better known as Herendijk, lying further upstream. On the plantation Einde Rust, a fish and shrimp farming business called Comfish has been established since 1987. Comfish is a joint venture between Fernandes Concern Beheer N.V and VABAM N.V.(Van Alen Beheer en Administratie Maatschappij)

VCM plantations is more than just about the crops and livestocks, a rich history lies hidden here, with many remnants still present. Visitors of the plantation are invited to take a walk through history and imagine the plantations and her residents in front of you. Compare the past with the present and take in the unique ambiance.  With its 5,000 hectare area take a glimpse of our Flora and Fauna and simply enjoy the life in the beautiful green countryside.

The VCM plantations has so much more to offer from learning strategies of our farming and agriculture to nature appreciation. Come and witness a rich cultural experience which had been shaped through the passing of time here at the VCM Plantations.

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